The KartCoaster® Experience

What so far has only been possible in video games now becomes reality: The Kartinger® KartCoaster® is the first to offer the possibility to not only use your Kartinger® E-Kart for conventional races, but also to actively drive it through loops, corkscrews and other well-known attractions from traditional rollercoasters. During such a spectacular move G-Forces of up to 6G might be reached. Up to now this experience has only been possible by riding a common rollercoaster in which you are strapped into and which is remotely operated. Only the bravest and most adventurous will overcome this challenge as any hesitation or fear will lead to failure. But do not worry as should your incentive leave you the Kartinger® E-Kart will be safely guided back out. While actively driving through loops, corkscrews or other attractions your Kartinger® E-Kart is safely guided on both sides. Optional, there is an electronically controlled barrier installed at the beginning of each acceleration path leading to the actual attraction, which ensures that only one Kartinger® E-Kart is driving through the attraction at a time.

KartCoaster® Test-Pilot: Alina on the acceleration path prototype

Kartinger® KartCoaster® attractions are exclusively permitted by use of the Kartinger® E-Kart only. All Kartinger® E-Karts used for driving through a Kartinger® attraction are especially modified in regards to electronical and sensorical components in order to guarantee a safe experience and to ensure limited speed accelerations. Last but not least all Kartinger® E-Karts are equipped with special security belts which ensure safe and tight fit during your ride. The entire underlying technology has already been applied for patent. Theme parks, kart course operators or showman who are interested now have the possibility to visit us and to experience the prototype of Kartinger® KartCoaster® live at our premises in Nuremberg, Germany. Kindly contact us to register.

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In August 2018 there has been a film shooting for the Dutch TV Show “Klaas kan Alles”. The movie will be broadcasted on October 6th 2018.

TV-Production: Klaas in the Kartinger®-Overall

On Air: 06.10.2018 KRO-NCRV

Klaas 1st ride through the KartCoaster®

Rent 4 Event

Are you looking for a really new and unique experience for your company event? Would like to test whether the Kartinger® KartCoaster® is an actual and sustainable visitor magnet for your kart track or amusement park? Then rent a mobile Kartinger® KartCoaster®!


Kartinger® SERVICES

  • Kartinger® KartCoaster® with one or two parallel lanes and one or two loops
  • Specially developed Kartinger® e-karts according to relevant DIN standards
  • Up to 5 Kartinger® e-karts at the same time on the track (depending on the track length)
  • For optimal utilization up to 11 karts are provided
  • Our Kartinger® KartCoaster® and our Kartinger® e-karts are TÜV-approved
  • Barrier constructions according to DIN standard
  • Time recording
  • Including transport, construction and dismantling
  • Icluding complete care by trained and experienced Kartinger® staff:
    • Coordination of the guests
    • Safety training
    • Organization and management of the operation


  • At least 1,000 m² of surface (50 * 20m) for the track and loading area of ​​the karts
  • leveled ground: no lowered / protruding manhole covers
  • no curbs, no cobbled streets
  • the Kartinger® KartCoaster® can be operated indoor and outdoor, the height of the loop is 7 meters
  • Kartinger® e-karts are splash-proof to ISO 206 53 (outdoors)
  • Charging stations must not come into contact with water
  • for every 2 karts a charging station is provided, 380V / 16A
  • Assembly and disassembly: Two forklifts with 1.5 t lifting force and a lifting height of 7 meters with driver needed
  • Pre-visit by our consultant is possible


We are happy to advise you on the mobile Kartinger® KartCoaster ®. Inquiries to:

Check out our Track-Designs

2 Loops
2 Shootout Race Tracks
Optional: Visitor Platform

Kartinger ET-20-LC Shootout-KartCoaster (Lane Change)

4 Loops
4 Shootout Race Tracks
4 Steep-Turns

Kartinger ST-40-FC Shootout-KartCoaster (Flying Change)

2 Loops
2 Shootout Race Tracks
2 Overpass Constructions
Optional: Visitor Platform

Kartinger OT-20-LC Shootout-KartCoaster (Lane Change)

3 Loops
3 Shootout Race Tracks
3 Steep-Turns
3 Overpass Constructions

Kartinger OST-30-FC Shootout-KartCoaster (Flying Change)

2 Loops
2 Shootout Race Tracks
2 Cross Tracks

Kartinger ECT-20 Shootout-KartCoaster

All track designs offer the option to include Steep-Turns, Overpass Constructions & Visitor Platforms

Optional: Steep-Turn, Overpass & Visitor Platform Constructions
We plan, install and maintain
your KartCoaster Track
If you are interested in trying or buying a kartCoaster Track:
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1020 Vienna

T: +43 660 8179732